European Tobacco
Our roots in the cigarette industry go back to 1991. Our rapid rise to success was built on strong commercial relationships established with the main multinational companies, in strategic areas such as Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle — East. In 1999, prompted by evolutionary changes in the industry, we decided to create European Tobacco, conceived from the beginning as a fully integrated tobacco company. Since then, we have proven our ability to create partnerships, starting with Tajikistan in 1999, followed by Azerbaijan in 2000 (dissolved in 2012), Jordan in 2001 and Turkey in 2004. This rapid expansion was distinguished by the capacity of European Tobacco to create industrial sites and distribution networks in all of these countries. In parallel, European Tobacco exports its strategic brands to many markets. Future development of European Tobacco rests on the solid foundations of the expertise and experience acquired. This activity is currently enjoying rapid growth with the development of strong brands adapted to each market. ET History